Anticapitalist Business Practices

Capitalism is the set of ideas that the best way to make things happen in life is to use money, that people who have money should then have control over that money and the things it buys, and that getting more money should be a goal in life. There are, of course, other aspects to Capitalism, which can be explored at the link above if you like, but these are its most basic tenets.

We at 2Stoners During COVID Publishing don’t happen to agree with these ideas.

We think that money is a silly contrivance in a world where there is more than enough of most everything to go around, and where we are more than capable of distributing it.

We think that the only people who should have control over a thing are the people involved with that thing - the people who make it and the people who use it.

And we think that the only goal in life should be to help people. That helping people is what brings everybody happiness. We made a game about it and everything.

You may have seen in places that we call ourselves an “Anticapitalist Business”, which might even seem to be a contradiction in terms, if you think of Business as something that happens under Capitalism. But “Business” really just means “the things people get up to in a day”, at its most fundamental level, and what we at 2SDC get up to in a day is making fun games for people of all ages. We don’t do that with any interest in how much it costs to do it, or how much money we would stand to make if we took paychecks (we, the titular Two Stoners, do not take any money from the company in the form of paychecks, dividends, or any other compensation), or whether this product or that product is going to sell well.

All our employees receive the highest-end market wage for their fields. This includes Bloggers, Artists, Designers, Contractors, and Vendors. We only source materials from locally-owned, ethically-run businesses whose philosophies we either agree with, or at the very least do not find repugnant.

A not-at-all-hidden secret is that we only charge Cost for our physical game sets. When a store buys copies from us, they are purchasing them at Cost, then selling them at whatever markup they prefer, and when you purchase an individual copy, we only charge you for the production of the set and a flat fee for shipping. If, at any point, there is a Profit in our accounting ledger, we reinvest it in the company by making a new product. We pay so little overhead as a small company that once the initial investment was made, the business has been self-sustaining. If any further investments need be made, perhaps we’ll run a Kickstarter or something.

We don’t do this for money, we do this so you can play our games. That seems pretty Anticapitalist to me.


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