Nazis Not Welcome

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

The Nazis used to be a political party in Germany. Now, they’re not allowed there, because the people of Germany who weren’t Nazis made it illegal to do the things that Nazis do to hurt others, and to spread their Nazi ideas about hurting people.

But the rest of the world did not do that. And now the Nazis are back. But they don’t call themselves “Nazis”, most usually. They tend to call themselves “Conservative” or “Traditionalist” or “Nationalist”, and then go on to say and do the same things that Nazis did and said.

There is an old saying, “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.” This line of logic is called Inductive Reasoning, and while there are cases where Inductive Reasoning can break down, consider the following:

  1. Nazis believe in Nazi ideas

  2. People who aren’t Nazis don’t believe in Nazi ideas

The logical conclusion to come to is that if someone believes in Nazi ideas, they’re a Nazi, as people who aren’t Nazis don’t believe Nazi ideas. You don’t have to believe every idea that every Nazi ever believed in order to be a Nazi, you just have to believe one, two, or a few.

Right now, the United States of America, the country where I live, is run by Nazis. No other conclusion would be logical, because they believe in Nazi ideas, like forcing people to live in prison camps where they are tortured and killed. Anybody who thinks that doing that is ever a good idea is a Nazi.

That is just logical.

You might ask, “Why are you talking about this?”, and that question is understandable, because this is a Blog about gaming, and specifically OSR-style games, not a Blog about Nazis.

I can answer that question in two ways. The first is obvious on its face. The Nazis have set themselves up as the enemies of all Good and Decent people in the world, and it is my, as well as your, duty to fight them in every way we are able. That is the duty all people share toward each other - protection.

The second is that a particular Nazi (whom I shall not here name, but whose identity you probably either already know or can easily find out if you really want to see a Nazi talk about things) has recently unilaterally declared the OSR Gaming Community to be Nazis. And not even as an indictment of the many bad ideas that float around the community (surely you’ve seen them if you spend any time in OSR-focused spaces), but meant as a positive endorsement of a literal Nazi for leadership of my country.

That’s Evil, and I won’t let it stand so long as I have breath in my lungs to scream or strength in my limbs to fight.

OSR Gaming is about specific styles of play, and is agnostic, as a set of rules systems, toward the question of Nazism. However, just as someone who has been around for a long time and experienced many things, I know that none of those people who made those old games that inspired the OSR movement liked Nazis. They hated Nazis.

Dave Arneson hated Nazis.

Gary Gygax hated Nazis.

If you’re a Nazi, they would hate you, too, and they wouldn’t want you to play their games.

I don’t want Nazis to play any games. I don’t want Nazis to have fun, or happiness, or any good things in their lives, because they seek to deny those things to other people.

So OSR games are not for Nazis. The Elf Game literally cannot be played by Evil people, as specified in the rules, but that same principle applies to all games, and especially the OSR community.

What then, if Nazis be not welcome within our spaces, must we do?

We must identify them, drive them from any places where they congregate, and with any luck their entire ilk will be exterminated from the planet before they do any more lasting harm. No, OSR is not in support of Nazis.

No, the OSR does not endorse Donald Trump for president.

We here at 2Stoners wish upon him all the Judgment of God, which it would seem is being done already.

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